Claire’s Free Online Pilates Class with Suna Pilates

Some of you may not know that I’ve been a fully qualified pilates trainer for over 15 years… I keep coming back to pilates over and again for strength and tone, without bulk or strain.

I STILL don’t get bored of it and I’m a restless type. Pilates is protective, functional and I LOVE feeling the benefits to my posture and energy. I’ve taught pilates in the US and Aussie and I - hand on heart - believe that SUNA PILATES has the best style, methods and approach to pilates I’ve ever found. 

That’s why we’re offering you the chance to try one of the online classes they are giving their members.

WATCH THIS VIDEO to check out me turning into a Sweaty Betty and failing to making it look easy! It’s not but it’s well worth finding out by giving it a good try! Enjoy this #bubblefitness freebie on us.