Free Mandala For Download

Did you know that taking time out of your day to colour something in is really good for you? That’s because creating art is active meditation for the grey matter.

That’s why our good mate, Christchurch-based artist and wahine toa Hannah Jensen has created a very special mandala, just for you!

Download this watery wonder, take to it with your favourite coloured pens and pencils and create artwork that’s all your own. If you love it enough, you could even frame it on your wall.

Why colour? Science says that making art for a short period of time engages the same neurological pathways as meditation. It’s basically an active version of meditating without sitting still.

Do good for your nervous system, reduce anxiety and make something pretty all at the same time. Colour in the lines, outside them… or really anywhere in between because making art is good for you!