How to work with nature and moon cycles


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For the first time in 40 years, the big Blood Moon beams down on me as I ponder the light and the dark of this special lunar eclipse. I’m inspired to write this blog because I can’t ignore what’s up in the sky.

I see that the moon has again reached the fullness of her natural cycle and I feel the change of season in the air. My nose is rosy, my fingertips are icy. Everything feels slower, dryer and colder.

Winter has arrived and as we transition into this next three-month cycle of crispy, chilly air, it’s the perfect time to pause, reflect and learn from one of our greatest teachers - nature.

Why is understanding and attuning to the cycles of nature, the moon and our bodies good for us?

Nature is full of endless cycles. There’s the full moon to the new moon. The high tide to the low tide. The four seasons and rotation of the earth around the sun. Humans are also cyclic. Each month, a woman’s body ovulates and sheds. And we experience the ultimate cycle of life in birth to death. 

What can we learn by observing nature, working with her rhythms and our own inner cycles? Change is the only constant.

Yet even though we look up to the night sky and post about the #bloodmoon as we see the moon altering its shape, in the western world we’ve forgotten how to cycle with the seasons. 

We seem to be wedded to this idea of living ‘IN AN ENDLESS SUMMER’. A cycle of forced push, productivity and ‘busy-ness’. 

Simply by observing nature’s patterns, we can see that this constant state of freneticism is a myth. The drive for success is a plague. It robs us of our connection to nature, our values and our inner wisdom. Instead, it leads to burn out, adrenal fatigue, anxiety, depression and the breakdown of our most intimate relationships.

That’s why I’m encouraging you to take it slow this season by embracing nature and moon cycles. Look to the skies each night for inspiration (not your email inbox or Insta feed). Get to know the moon, understand the seasons, listen to your body and work with these signs to change gears and create space for our natural energy levels to fluctuate.

How to embody our cyclic nature...

Let’s get real though. While it’s easy to be inspired by the cycles of nature, how do we practically tap in and integrate these patterns in our daily life? 

It starts by understanding that we are nature and nature is us. Then find a practice you can load and repeat that puts you in touch with nature. It’s why at Good For You we’re trying harder to live with the seasons. In winter Claire likes to hibernate, eat nourishing, warming foods and live slow to re-emerge in the spring. For me, I enjoy practicing more prānāyāma (yogic breathwork), seated meditation and working with restorative yoga āsanas that quieten the system. As the days get shorter and darker, I also choose essential oils to diffuse and apply topically that keep my emotional health on track. Check out my current favourites below.

How to connect to nature and moon cycles...

Remember there are many pathways to explore your connection with nature and the moon so it’s about finding some that feel right for you. To help you get inspired, here’s two good exercises that I do which I hope will inspire you to return to nature and get in sync with your natural cycles.

Pathway One: The Seasonal Connection

In the southern hemisphere, this is probably the easiest to sense right now as the winter season begins. To work with your seasonal connect, focus on three qualities of each season. As much as is practically possible, design your life and set intentions around these qualities.

Winter: A time of rest, reflection, rejuvenation. Intention: To turn inward, pause new projects, move slowly, learn and reflect to prepare for spring.

Spring: A time of seeding, sprouting, new life. Intention: To burst out of my pod, to start new projects, to infuse my learnings into life 

Summer: A time of vitality, heat, momentum. Intention: To increase momentum, turn up the heat of projects and relationships and feel the full vitality of light in my life

Autumn: A time for death, decay, change and release. Intention: To allow things that aren’t working for me to fall away, to be in gratitude for all I’ve experienced, to let go and trust that there is new life on the other side.

Seasonal Reflection Exercise

  1. What are your three words and intentions for this season?
  2. Under the categories of home, work and relationships, what are three ways for each season you can practically integrate these changes into your life?

Pathway Two: The Moon Connection

This is another one of my absolute monthly favourites that I’ve shared in our Good For You Book 

“When the moon is new, the earth’s energy is reducing. It is a time to sit quietly, to contemplate, to go within, and to tend to the weeds in your garden. As the moon moves to full, the earth’s energy starts to intensify. This is the time of abundance, to plant seeds and feel vitality swell. When the moon is at its fullest, we can literally bathe in its light.”

For me, I personally love to create new and full moon rituals for myself at these different points of the month.

Simple seven-step moon ritual

  1. Create a sacred space - put on music, create time and space for yourself, burn incense or oils, put on soft music
  2. Cut 16 pieces of paper + grab a pen and or things to make ‘art’
  3. Light a candle
  4. Write your intentions for the new moon and the full one. 

    * For the new moon - on one side of the paper write 16 things you want to release in your life / let go of, on the other side of the paper write why you are grateful for that ‘thing’ / how it’s served you up until this point in your life.

    * For full moon - on one side of the paper write 16 things you want to manifest and call into your life - think big, allow yourself to dream outside the box and on the other side write 7 x feeling words to describe how you will feel when it manifests (and the magic - ACTUALLY FEEL THE FEELING LIKE IT’S ALREADY HAPPENED IN YOUR BODY)

  5. Add art if you feel inspired to your 16 sheets
  6. Fold each of them separately and place them in a ‘sacred bowl’ on an altar or somewhere special
  7. Each night before you go to bed between each of the full and new moon cycles ‘lucky dip one’ - read it - feel it, burn it and know that with the burning it sends both your releases and manifestations as a prayer to the universe. 

For easy reference, here are the moon cycles of the winter season where Good For You lives in Aotearoa New Zealand. Now is the perfect opportunity for you to tune in, learn, reflect and set yourself up for a great spring ahead.

2021 Winter moon cycles in the Southern Hempishere


10th - New moon

25th - Full Moon


10th - New Moon

24th - Full Moon


10th - New Moon

24th - Full Moon


Remember, great changes start with small actions. Take your time to be with this process over the next three months. Go slow, be steady and gentle with yourself and let the wisdom of winter seep in so you are ready to bloom in the spring.

Kylie xx


  1. Helichrysum: A healer of pain and to encourage rebirth, this essential oil can be used for emotional health to spark feelings of joy, fervor and hope for living. On the flipside, it teaches us gratitude for our trials.
  2. Lavender - Calming, soothing and relaxing, this essential oil unwinds the nervous system, mind and body. It supports us to live as our true selves, not separate from nature.
  3. Passion - This is an essential oil blend that encourages playful spontaneity and vitality. Let this oil light your inner fire so that you can transverse the areas of your life that need invigorating.

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