Self Defence is Female Empowerment

Whether you ever have to use the tools or not, learning techniques around self defence fill you with a sense of power, confidence and hopefully the strength of mind to walk taller in the world. 

Recently Reebok NZ held a free Self-Defence class to over 150 women in central Auckland. Our GFU crew member and friend Zoë Bell was an inspiring hostess with the most-ess who opened the session and helped demonstrate all the techniques taught during the class.  After a twenty minute warm up from the legendary Les Mills Body Combat trainer Rachel who got us all psyched and energised – we then embarked on a forty minute lesson taught by master trainer Charlie Riley from SAFE. He travels the length of New Zealand teaching self defence techniques to women, men, in schools – to whoever will listen! He was a fast and effective teacher, focusing on three particular techniques for our class since we had such a short time span to learn them in. 

We put them into practice – safely – on each other, and got used to employing the most important principles Charlie asked us to focus on. The main aim is not to engage in the fight should there be one. The main aim is to get away as fast as possible from the danger. RUN. If that is difficult because someone has a physical hold on you  - then grab, maul, scratch, kick, elbow, slap, punch, gouge as MUCH as you can in order to DISABLE them – you only need the smallest moment -  then RUN. 

So Hurt them to Disable them, then get the hell out of danger. 

Women will often be the physically weaker or smaller one in a fight, it's what bullies do right? But learning techniques like this and having a stronger mental attitude towards the idea of being attacked or in physical danger – such as ‘I can get myself out of here’ instead of a victim mentality is an empowering thing to carry around with you. 

We highly recommend Charlie as a teacher – get him to your workplace, school, group of friends. Spending an hour learning something you hope you’ll never have to use, but know is a powerful thing to have in your personal toolbox is VERY VERY GOOD FOR YOU.