Susie Cleland

Suna Pilates Founder
Holisitic & Nutritional Coach
Master Pilates Instructor
Kinesiology Practitioner

Almost 20 years ago, master trainer Susie founded SUNA PILATES, a pilates studio in Auckland to take a holistic approach to movement and nutrition. Today, Susie combines the latest anatomical and biomechanical research with strength, resistance and cardio training to treat people. 

Susie was a snowboarder living in Canada who had trained in yoga, then discovered a passion for pilates as she used it to heal her injuries. As Susie’s motivation for working with her clients grew, so did her thirst for knowledge.

She trained as a Nutritionist with Dr Cliff Oliver and a Holistic Lifestyle Coach with the Paul Chek Institute of America. For the past two decades, she has been using these skills, combined with the two modalities of Applied Kinesiology (TBM & TFH), on thousands of clients. It’s why she’s our Wellbeing Powerhouse and go-to guru. 

Susie is a well-known and quoted authority on holistic health, nutrition, fitness, exercise, rehabilitation and kinesiology in New Zealand; regularly appearing on radio shows and in health publications. To many people, (including Claire!), Susie has become a personal hero because of the changes she has helped them make to in their lives.

“Building and maintaining strength helps with cellular growth and turnover and, as we age, literally prop us up!” says Susie. “Using your movement to build and challenge that strength should become a part of what you do on a regular basis.”

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