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Good For You

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A guide for good guts and feeling good inside and out. OUT NOW!

Available for shipping to New Zealand addresses. US-based customers can shop via our publisher Di Angelo Publishing. Shipping to the rest of the world is coming soon!

Actress Claire Chitham (Shortland Street, Outrageous Fortune, Fresh Eggs) has teamed up with health journalist Kylie Bailey to share their combined knowledge on gut and cellular health in this newly released book.

Good For You is a healthy handbook, detailing Claire's physical health battle with the chronic and ‘incurable’ Crohn’s Disease and how she has successfully kept this illness at bay for 20 years and Kylie's mental health challenges with anxiety.

Across 280 pages, the book:

1. Shares Claire and Kylie's insights about how they've learnt to take care of their self-health

2. Brings together experts to dig into the latest science on gut and cellular health

3. Offers 76 ways you can experiment, taste, trial and learn to grow a better relationship with your own health and vitality.

Speaking from their own personal experiences, Claire and Kylie hope to empower you to take your health back into your hands and inspire anyone suffering from chronic illness and pain to tackle their own health journey head on by providing access to resources, good advice, good practitioners, good products and the confidence to develop a healthy prescription for life.